Roadrunner Graphics has been in business since 1999. Our initial service was for providing decals to the rental equipment industry… safety, equipment, and instructional decals.


Our main focus is to provide decal kits to customers that repaint and/or refurbish equipment.

What we do different:

  1. Decals are printed the same day they are shipped. This means the adhesive is fresh with the maximum adhesive qualities.
  2. Printed on a sheet with grommets for hanging kits for storage and installation.

When installing the decals on a machine, you can tie wrap to the railing of the basket or platform so decals are easily identified.

  1. Decals are arranged in numerical order (90% on the time) on sheet from top to bottom.
  2. Optional placement chart ($2.00 fee) is available. It is a two-sided laminated chart with decals listed in numerical order on front and picture of placement on the back.
  3. Decals rolled into a 30” x 6” x 6” box.  We do not fold decals.  


We are constantly expanding our kits to include: safety decal kits for late and early model scissors, boom lifts, telehandlers, custom and pre-designed specialized decals for small to large manufacturers.